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When is an Air Duct Repair or Replacement Necessary?

Air ducts are an important part of a heating and air conditioning system. However, it can be hard to know when it’s best to repair or replace these ducts. It can be costly to replace them, so homeowners should call a professional to maintain them, which can help extend their lifespan, though new ducts have many benefits.

Air ducts connect the home to a heating and cooling system. Air ducts often develop layers of dust if homeowners do not clean them routinely or change their air filters on time. Sometimes, an air duct has holes or dents that cause the system to slow down, leading to an overly warm or cool home.

Common Signs of Air Duct Damage

smellBefore homeowners can start repairing their air ducts or calling for a professional, it is a good start to understand the signs behind air duct damage. The most common symptoms of air duct damage include strange odors, strange noises, airflow issues, and rising energy bills. These signs alone are not enough to prove that the cause is a damaged air duct. However, once these are noticed, a professional can be called to find the source of the issue.

Diagnosing the problem takes time and patience. Homeowners, or professional ductwork technicians, use flashlights and other tools to dismantle and open the air ducts to find the problem. Since there is plenty of room for animals to crawl through this space, it is not uncommon for a dead animal to be the cause of a foul smell. 

4 Benefits of Replacing Air Ducts 

save There are more benefits than setbacks to replacing old air ducts. Occasionally, an air duct replacement is more affordable than a repair, especially if the system is older. While there may be a higher initial cost to a replacement, there are also significant benefits, including:

  1. Lower Energy Costs: Since the airflow and insulation are no longer disturbed, the system can use less electricity to move the same amount of air in a home. Who doesn’t want to save on their utility bill each month?
  2. Quieter Operation: When a homeowner gets an air duct replacement, the system returns to its original form. With nothing damaged or in the way, cool and warm air can flow through the ducts quietly. 
  3. Better Air Quality: Old ductwork can be full of dust, dander, and even mold. By replacing the ductwork, homeowners can expect cleaner air, which is perfect for homeowners with allergies to allergens like dust and dander. 
  4. More Efficient Cooling: The older the ductwork, the tougher it can be for the home to cool down. With new ducts, homeowners can expect easier and more efficient temperature regulation, particularly during summer. 

How Professionals Repair Air Ducts

Despite what the name might suggest, duct tape should not be used to fix air ducts. It is easy to use and seems like it would be perfect for patching up holes, dents, and tears; however, duct tape is not engineered to withstand extreme temperature changes. 

A method that professionals use to repair air ducts instead is replacement patches. When an air duct is made from fiberglass, the only way to fix the fiberglass is to cut out the damaged section and cut a similarly sized patch. Insulation can also be added or replaced during a repair to help the heating and air conditioning system keep the correct temperature in a house. 

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