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You don’t realize how much you count on your home’s A/C system to provide you with a comfortable living environment until it breaks down. That’s when the temperature in your home can rise to unbearable heights making it very difficult to get comfortable or sleep at night. A quick and efficient AC repair from Mid Florida A/C will get the job done and leave everyone in your home relaxed and comfortable.

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What Causes an Air Conditioning System Failure?

Many factors can contribute to an A/C system breaking down, including its age, poor installation, and inadequate maintenance; however, some of the most common factors that cause a breakdown are:

Dirt accumulated on the coils: Dirt, dust, and debris outside can cover the condenser coils over time. This layer of grime makes it more difficult for the system to release heat and therefore continue the cooling process. The result is an air conditioning system that cannot deliver sufficient cool air to reach the desired indoor temperature throughout the home.

Clogged drain: When warm air gets cooled by coming into contact with the coils inside the evaporator unit, it’s normal for some condensation to occur. The water is caught by a drip tray and is allowed to leave the system through a drain tube. If that drain line gets clogged and the water has nowhere to go, it will impede the system’s ability to cool the air.

Not enough refrigerant: Insufficient refrigerant can cause your A/C to consume as much as 75% more energy to try to sufficiently cool the air in your home. Refrigerant doesn’t get consumed in the cooling process; therefore, low levels of refrigerant are most often the sign of a leak, which will require a repair before it can be refilled.

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Top Reasons To Choose Mid Florida A/C

A trusted A/C repair company: We have been providing top quality expert service to DeBary, FL homeowners for over 35 years.

Extended warranties: Mid Florida A/C offers our own extended warranties and even a lifetime warranty on certain parts.

A reputation for excellent service: We’re proud to have consistently earned an A+ rating every year from the Better Business Bureau.

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