Comprehensive Air Handler Repair & Installation Service In DeBary

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The air handler is a critical component of your heating and air conditioning system. It’s the part that draws air in, filters airborne particles from it, and propels it through the cooling or heating process and through the ducts to get to the rooms in your DeBary, FL home. When it malfunctions, it won’t matter if your furnace is generating heat or your A/C can cool; the comfortable air won’t reach your vents.

air handler repair and installation services

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The Right Air Handler Repair Company

In traditional heating and air conditioning systems, the air handler is a built-in component. Some home comfort systems like heat pumps, however, require a separate air handler.

Repairing or replacing the air handler in your home demands a technician who has the necessary experience and knowledge to take care of the job. It certainly isn't a task for a weekend warrior, since it requires specific training in the intricate workings of the component. The pros at Mid Florida A/C have that kind of air handler experience and training.

What Can You Do to Maintain a Healthy Air Handler?

Although repairing an air handler may not be something you can take on yourself, there are a few tasks that you can do to help prolong its life and make sure it continues to work well. First, make sure you check the air filter every month and replace it every 3 months or whenever it looks dirty (whichever comes first).

Another excellent way to protect your air handler is to have your home heating and air conditioning system maintained and serviced every year by a trained expert from Mid Florida A/C. During these annual visits, we can run tests and make the necessary adjustments to keep your air handler in top shape.

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A better warranty: Beyond the manufacturer's warranty, Mid Florida A/C offers its own extended warranty and even lifetime warranties on certain parts.

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