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When you’re starting the process of building your new DeBary, FL home, it's important to choose the right contractor to handle the installation of your heating and air conditioning system. There’s much more involved than simply hooking up an AC or furnace. The ductwork must be installed, the correct electrical connections must be made, and careful planning needs to take place in order to achieve the best possible efficiency for the system.

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Why Hire a Professional HVAC Installation Company for Your New Construction?

When you work with Mid Florida A/C, we will meet with your general contractor to coordinate our efforts. We will help to determine the best size and model of air conditioning and furnace to provide perfect comfort all year round.

Making an inadequate choice of furnace or A/C could result in higher energy costs, more frequent breakdowns, or uneven temperatures throughout your home. Therefore, opting for a smaller model with a lower price tag could end up costing you more in the long run.

By placing your trust in our experienced service professionals, we’ll be able to help you avoid those kinds of costly mistakes.

The Importance of Properly Installed Ductwork

The ducts, through which the heated or cooled air travels, are just as important as the furnace and A/C for achieving a comfortable temperature in your new home. The correctly sized ducts must be carefully planned and installed to deliver the best possible efficiency. Installing the ducts properly means making sure the gaps and holes are all perfectly sealed to minimize leaks and energy loss.

A shoddy duct installation job could restrict the airflow throughout your home, cost you more on your heating and cooling bills and make it more difficult to achieve the desired temperature in your home.

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Choosing Mid Florida A/C

A+ rating: We work very hard to deliver excellent satisfaction to all of our customers. It’s that determination which has consistently earned us the Better Business Bureau’s highest A+ rating every year.

Local family-owned business: Mid Florida A/C has been a family-run business based in DeBary, FL for over 35 years.

Our own warranty coverage: In addition to the manufacturer’s warranty, we offer our own extended warranties, including lifetime warranties on certain parts.

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