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Heat pumps achieve better energy consumption ratings because, unlike standard furnaces, they don’t consume gas or electricity to generate heat. Instead, a heat pump transfers the heat energy from the outside air to indoors. For expert heat pump installation and heat pump repair, Mid Florida A/C is your go-to expert.

heat pump repair and installation services

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How Does a Heat Pump Work?

Using refrigerant much like the stuff used in your refrigerator, a heat pump absorbs heat energy found in ambient outside air and brings it inside. It may seem counterintuitive to think about using the heat found in the cold winter air, but the truth is that there is heat energy stored in air at a temperature above absolute zero (-460°F).

A traditional heating solution burns electricity or natural gas to create the heat that gets distributed through your home, but a heat pump uses existing heat and therefore only consumes energy to propel the heated air through your vents. That means some significant savings on your energy bills. Those savings, plus the lesser impact on the environment, justifies the higher price tag of a heat pump for many homeowners.

Other Advantages of a Heat Pump

In addition to the great energy savings, some of the other benefits associated with heat pumps include:

Heat in winter and cool in summer: The heat transfer process can be reversed in the summer to move indoor heat outside, making a separate air conditioning system unnecessary.

A quiet heating solution: Heat pumps operate efficiently with very little noise, making your home not only more comfortable but also quieter.

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Reasons to Choose Mid Florida A/C for Your Heat Pump Installation

A history of excellent service: A family-run business founded in 1980, we have been providing great service and workmanship to DeBary, FL homeowners for over 35 years. Every year, the Better Business Bureau has awarded us an A+ rating, their highest.

Quality products: Mid Florida A/C installs only highly rated equipment. We also stand behind our products with our own extended warranties, including a lifetime warranty on certain parts.

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