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When to Upgrade the Thermostat

With energy costs rising and unseasonably warm temperatures, air conditioning can be an expensive luxury. When homeowners have suffered in the heat long enough, they run to the thermostat and turn it down. When it comes to saving money on cooling costs, the thermostat can be a homeowner’s biggest friend or enemy. 

A thermostat can be antagonistic to a homeowner's financial goals when it starts to fail. When thermostats need to be replaced, they will cause the home to be uncomfortable or cause a runaway spike in bills. Catch broken thermostats before they become expensive or uncomfortable companions. Here are three ways to recognize that a thermostat needs to be replaced. 

Higher Energy Bills 

billA helpful tip for managing budgets is to track utilities every month. This can help homeowners get a full view of how their home uses energy depending on the season. An additional benefit of having a monthly average energy bill estimate is that it can be an early sign that something isn’t working right in the home. 

Air conditioners are likely the biggest user of power in the home. When something is wrong with it, the bill can be larger than usual. It’s often the case when thermostats aren’t working right. When big changes are noticed in energy bills, it can be a relief to strained budgets to get a new smart thermostat

Inaccurate Temperature Readings

readingsThermostats are the brain of an air conditioner. While the air conditioner does all of the hard work, the thermostat is what tells the rest of the system when to turn on and off, allowing for perfect indoor comfort. When the thermostat fails to read the temperature in a home properly, comfort is the first thing to be sacrificed. 

Owners should take care to ensure the thermostat is reading temperature accurately. The best way to do this is to keep up with routine maintenance by a professional. During visits, the professional will verify that the thermostat isn’t giving incorrect temperature readings. For homeowners in a pinch looking to verify the thermostat by themselves, simply use a thermometer to ensure the thermostat is correct. 

Short Cycling

A short cycle occurs when an air conditioner runs for a few minutes and then turns off. Before long, the same thing will happen again. It typically occurs when something is wrong with the thermostat. Air conditioners run better when they are allowed to complete a full, longer cycle, somewhere between 15 and 30 minutes. 

Short cycling wastes energy and doesn’t completely cool the home or remove humidity. Short cycling should be attended to as soon as it is noticed. Call a professional to tune up the AC to ensure no damage has occurred. Also, have them check and potentially replace the thermostat so the system can run smoothly. 

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