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Pro Tips for Keeping Your Home Comfortable All Through the  Holiday Season

This holiday season, as families get together to celebrate and spend time with one another, it’s good to reflect on the simple everyday comforts that so often get taken for granted. One amenity that is most commonly and easily overlooked is the boring old HVAC system. After all, if it’s doing its job well, it shouldn’t require much attention at all. But when it starts acting up, homeowners may find it difficult to think of anything else.

Even in the mild Florida winter, a malfunctioning unit can make for a very unpleasant time. Here are some pointers for those staying home for the holidays to help ensure a safe, happy, and comfy winter season.

Update & Upgrade the Thermostat

upgrade your thermostat Mid Florida

Many air conditioner and heater problems actually stem from an issue with the home’s thermostat. Any of a handful of small issues can impede the proper function of the whole system. Dust buildup inside the thermostat can interfere with electrical leads. Old batteries can leak and corrode internal components. Loose wiring can fry the circuit board.

Naturally, older thermostats tend to be more problematic. These usually contain a mercury bulb switch that tilts one way or the other - depending on the thermometer reading - to engage or turn off the unit. If the thermostat is not perfectly level, the mercury switch will not function properly, and the whole system will be in disarray. Newer thermostats use electronic sensors and are less prone to difficulties in general. New programmable thermostats also help increase energy efficiency by allowing homeowners to customize the temperature for each time of day.

Change the Air Filter Regularly

HVAC air filters can get very dirty very quickly, especially in homes with multiple pets or in areas with higher concentrations of dust, vegetation, or pollen. When an air filter becomes laden with dust and debris, the system’s airflow becomes choked. This puts undue strain on the air handler unit and can even result in a burnt-out blower fan motor. A filthy filter also allows more airborne junk to be taken into the unit (where it can interfere with electrical and mechanical components) and be circulated throughout the house. The impact on indoor air quality can endanger everyone’s health in the home, especially those with allergies or respiratory sensitivities.

change your filter Mid Florida

Keep a Pro’s Number Handy for Emergency Repairs

The easy DIY maintenance tasks above make a big difference, but they should not be considered a substitute for recurring professional maintenance. No HVAC unit is immune to the elements, dirt accumulation, or normal wear and tear. However, even a clean and well-tuned system can be taken out of commission by a freak occurrence or an unforeseen development. Every homeowner should be ready for the possibility of an unexpected crisis by making the acquaintance of a reputable and dependable HVAC company that will show up whenever they’re needed.

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