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AC Maintenance

Getting a Headstart on Springtime Maintenance

Spring hasn’t quite sprung yet, but the AC system will be working overtime to keep homes and their residents comfortable as soon as it does. But just because spring isn’t here yet doesn’t mean that homeowners should put off their springtime maintenance. In fact, getting it out of the way early won’t hurt at all— it might even help. Regular maintenance is vital for a properly functioning HVAC system. It saves homeowners money and time, and prevents major headaches. And getting the maintenance done a little early is a great idea for a few reasons. Read on to find out the importance and benefits of annual maintenance. 

There’s No Time Like Now for AC Maintenance

ac maintenance Mid FloridaThe best time for AC maintenance is whenever the homeowners are thinking about it. At some time or another, everyone has forgotten to do something important that they know they should. AC maintenance is often one of those things. Many homeowners don’t think about it until it’s too late and there’s a costly emergency to take care of.

At this time of year, the AC hasn’t been used in many months. The cobwebs, both literal and figurative, have gathered on the various components of the AC system. And pretty soon, every homeowner is going to be calling their local HVAC company for spring maintenance. So it’s good to get it out of the way a little early than to get it done late or not at all. 

Key Components That Should Be Tuned-Up and Checked

Some homeowners decide to try and save a few bucks by taking AC maintenance into their own hands. Unfortunately, unless the homeowner in question has experience and training, this can be a disaster. Checking the AC system requires expertise and special training, as well as specialized equipment and firsthand knowledge of the workings of the system. Here are some of the things that techs check during regular maintenance.

Techs clean everything in the AC system, including the fan blades, condensate drain line, and coils. Electrical connections are inspected. Belts and terminals are tightened. There are lots of moving parts that need to be lubricated and inspected to prevent excessive wear and tear. Techs also check refrigerant levels, topping the refrigerant off if it needs it. Filters are also replaced, and the ductwork checked for leaks. They also test airflow and calibrate the thermostat.

All these things, and some others, come together to make annual maintenance of the AC system. Having a professional tech do this helps keep the system running smoothly and wards off expensive repairs. 

The Benefits of Annual AC Maintenance

benefits Mid FloridaThere are several benefits to keeping an AC system properly maintained, a few of which have already been mentioned in this article. Preventing expensive repairs and inconvenience are two significant benefits. The others include keeping the air inside the home clean and saving money by reducing the energy bills. It’s also a great way to preserve peace of mind because the homeowners know they’re in good hands.

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