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The True Benefit of Mom’s Life Lessons


As Mother’s Day approaches, we’re all reminded of the extraordinary moms that shaped us, loved us unconditionally and kept us in line. It’s the season to be especially grateful for their tireless work and especially supportive of those moms that are exhausted from the day-to-day demands of being a mom.

As you say “thank you” this Mother’s Day, it’s hard not to think about how wise your mom is and how great her advice has been over the years. When it comes to taking care of your home and HVAC system, a good rule of thumb is to remember what your mom said. She knew what she was talking about.

No Fire In or Around the House!

dontdothatMoms are pretty consistent about having a firm “no fire in the house” rule. As we get older, though, we tend to play a little fast and loose with this rule – burning things indoors, near the house, or in the yard.

But, no matter how safe and under control this might seem, it can lead to lots of dangerous fumes in and around your house.

Trust mom’s advice and keep fires away from your house and yard to help ensure high air quality for your home. Not only do these fumes impact your health, but in many instances, it can lead to serious property damage. And if your house is ruined, where is Mom going to stay and visit?

That Green Thumb Goes a Long Way

gardeningAnyone else’s mom obsessed with her garden, yard, and plants? It seems like most are! And, it turns out – as usual – that they’re on to something. Gardens and plants help to keep the air in and around your home cleaner.

The improved air quality is good for your health; plus, having plants and a garden takes some of the pressure off of your HVAC’s air filter.

Fewer air filter changes in the year can mean added savings, while still keeping your air ducts and AC clean and free of dust and grime. So, follow in your mom’s footsteps and plant a garden or considering investing in some house plants.

Vacuuming Does More Than Just Clean Your Floor

vacuumfloorNo one liked this reminder as a kid, and even as an adult, many of us try to shirk this responsibility.

While no one can blame you for dreading this chore, regular vacuuming helps to reduce the allergens in your home and can have a significant impact on your home’s air quality.

Regular vacuuming is especially important if you have pets or family members with allergies. So, even though you might not like it, make sure that vacuuming is a regular part of your routine. Your family and air filters will thank you!

As is so often the case, mom knows best, and she was right when it comes to advice about your home and air quality. Remember to give your mom and all mother figures in your life a big hug this Mother’s Day. And, don’t forget to thank them for their years of good advice and let them know how right they were.