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Signs Your Dirty AC is Hurting Your Health!

It isn’t pleasant waking up in the middle of the night coughing up a lung, is it? This is your AC speaking, telling you that you are getting sick because I’m full of dirt, dust, grime, and goodness knows what else!

Haven’t you ever heard of changing a filter or maybe hiring someone for air duct cleaning!? If you’re not careful, I’m going to make you, your spouse, AND your kids sick with nasty coughs and infections.

All jokes and drama aside, we do want you to know the importance of a clean AC system. We are going to discuss what can happen when you have a dirty AC, the types of illnesses that can be caused, and what you can do about it! Keep reading for more information!

Upper Respiratory Illness

“respiratoryinfections”Upper respiratory illness is the generic name that doctors give minor infections of the lungs. They are typically marked with heavy coughing and sometimes sinus problems.

It may also simply be called bronchitis. Whatever you want to call it, the illness is caused by dirt, debris, and build up in your air ducts and vents.

Over a period of time, as the amount of debris grows, moisture tends to collect. When this happens, mold and bacteria tend to grow, and because this is all happening in air ducts, they are spread throughout your home for you to breathe.

Allergies Not Related to Smelling The Roses

“moreallergies”Many people have allergies at some point or another throughout the year.

This typically occurs in spring or fall, when there are pollen and other fun things floating around. Unfortunately, allergies can be worsened by breathing in dirty air from your AC.

You might be lucky and have it respond to allergy medication, but this isn’t always the case. Sometimes the only way to manage it is to keep your ducts clean and dusting on a regular basis.

Asthma Issues

“asthma”You may have experienced bouts of asthma throughout your life or have experienced it through one of your children.

It is somewhat odd for an adult to suddenly develop this condition without reason, and if nothing else has changed, you should look to your AC.

Asthma is one of those conditions that once you have it, you can manage it but it can always come back. It is far better to attempt to avoid it in the first place by having a clean home and air ducts.

What You Can do to Ease These Problems

Although you can’t prevent 100% of illnesses and health-related problems, you can reduce the severity of them by simply changing your air filters.

Vacation homes or homes with only one resident should change their filter every 6-12 months, while homes that have several residents, pets, or someone with allergies should change the filter every 45 days.

This is definitely a big difference, but the easiest way to find out how often you should change your filter, based on your home, is to call Mid Florida A/C. We are trained to figure out how often the filter should be changed if you’re using the correct kind, and if your ducts need a little TLC.

Hopefully, you’ve learned a thing or two about keeping your AC cleaned and if you have, please share this blog with your friends! If you’re in need of air duct cleaning or any other AC related issue, give us a call!