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Overwhelmed With Remodeling? Refocus On These 3 Air Quality Tips & Gain Peace of Mind

Home Remodel
There’s nothing quite as satisfying—or expensive—as committing to buying an old home and renovating it to meet your modern needs. Or, just having saved up enough money to finally do something similar to the home that you’re currently living in.

But depending on the scope of the project, there may be issues with keeping the quality of the air safe for both the workers and the residents of the home. By following our three key tips, you can help to keep the air safe.

Block & Dampen Any Work Areas

PlanIf there’s a space, like a kitchen, basement, or attic, that you’re opening up, tearing down walls, or even putting new walls up, this is bound to create a lot of dust.

You can minimize just how much dust gets into other parts of the home by blocking off areas being worked on with plastic barriers and ensuring proper ventilation.

Another great tip for this kind of work is to dampen the work area. If you’re going to be sanding things down, grinding, cutting, or anything else that normally sends particles into the air, just mist down the area with some water. This dramatically cuts down on just how many these particles actually go airborne.

Make Sure Flooring Gets Proper Moisture Control

If the type of work you’ll be doing will make some kind of permanent addition to the flooring, such as adding carpet to the attic “man cave,” keep moisture control in mind for this. The surface of the flooring should have some resistance to moisture, but more importantly, the area under the flooring should be protected with moisture resistance.

If you don’t do this in a carpeted area, for example, you may unwittingly provide a warm, dark, damp region of your home that is perfect for mold to grow. Once a mold infestation begins, it spreads by sending mold spores into the air. When your HVAC system blows, these spores are now distributed throughout the entire home.

This can make healthy people sick, but for people that already have a chronic respiratory condition, such as asthma, this can make home one of the most uncomfortable and potentially dangerous places for the person to be in, threatening health and well-being on a daily basis.

Put In a New Filter

Air FilterNow that the major remodeling is done, and the house is finally finished, you only have one final air quality tip to follow. Go the filter in your HVAC system, take it out, and replace it with a fresh one.

Normal, day-to-day living would only require you to do this every three months or so, as the seasons change. But, with all the particles that have been released into the air with remodeling, once your HVAC system kicked in, those particles were pumped back into the HVAC system itself and caught by the filter.

If a filter is too dirty, this impacts the efficiency of your HVAC, and you’ll see that inefficiency manifest as higher energy bills. Regain your efficiency with a new filter. Once that’s all done, you can sit back, relax and enjoy your remodeled home Melbourne, FL. Not only do you have a house that matches your needs, but you've also even added to the value of your property, and managed to keep your air quality safe while doing it.