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Keeping Your HVAC System Like New


August 21st is World Senior Citizens Day, and while it’s meant to celebrate those in their Golden Years, it shouldn’t include your HVAC system. When you let your HVAC system get too old and worn, it can cause a barrage of problems - including health issues for you and your loved ones.

So, in recognition of this World Citizens Day, let’s discuss the important role that heating and air conditioning play in our daily lives and what problems can arise when the systems are allowed to age or aren’t properly maintained.

Let’s Talk About Your Air Filter

airfilterThe filters used in your HVAC are vital to ensuring only pure, clean air is passed through your home. Are you aware of how often you should change your filters?

Typically, you’ll want to change your HVAC air filters every 4-6 weeks; however, if you have a smoker in the home or pets, you’ll want to change the filter more often than that.

If when you go to change your air filters they’re always covered in a bed of dust, you know that they aren’t being changed often enough. When you keep your filters changed regularly, not only does it keep your air clean in your home, it also helps to ward off allergens and other health problems.

Dirty Air Can Lead to Health Issues

When you think about things you can do to improve your health, it’s not often that your HVAC system comes to mind - but it should. The air quality in your home directly impacts your health in an important way.

When you aren’t breathing in clean and filtered air, you and your loved ones could experience health problems such as:

  • healthissuesAggravated asthma.
  • Worsened allergy problems.
  • Wheezing, trouble breathing.
  • Trouble sleeping.
  • Coughing.
  • Aggravated sleep apnea.

These problems can be even worse for senior citizens, children, pregnant women and those with pre-existing conditions.

HVAC Services Are Essential to Your Home’s Air Quality

hvacservicesYour HVAC system is one thing in life that you don’t want to age. In fact, it shouldn’t get past 10 years of age; if it does, it should be replaced.

Older units not only won’t filter your air properly, but they’ll also raise your utility bills because they have to work harder and longer to do their job.

For units younger than 10 years, it’s essential that they have regular HVAC services. When you ensure your system is serviced regularly (at least twice per year) it allows it to work at optimal functionality throughout its life span and provide clean and filtered air in your home.

Aging for our beloved senior citizens is like the aging of fine wine; our HVAC systems, unfortunately, don’t age gracefully like this. Your HVAC system has a particular life span that it shouldn’t exceed, and it should be well-maintained throughout.

If you think your system is due for service, replacement, or repair - don’t hesitate to call Mid Florida A/C at (386) 668-8752. We’ll send an HVAC technician to your home ASAP to ensure your everything is in tip-top shape.