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Tips from the Pros on Keeping a Comfortable Temperature at Home

Scary movie marathons are a key fall activity. What better way to get into the spooky season than to watch thrillers and horror movies? It’s never truly a comfortable experience watching a scary movie. Most people spend the duration of scary movies sinking into the chair with their eyes half-closed and their hands covering their faces. But the temperature of the home shouldn’t be the reason for someone’s discomfort when watching scary movies. Therefore, HVAC professionals are sharing their top tips for keeping the house comfortable during scary movie marathons this fall.

Check for Thermostat Problems

check the thermostat Mid Florida

Tip 1 from the HVAC professionals is to check for any thermostat problems. Controlling the air temperature is one of the best ways to keep homes comfortable for fall scary movie marathons. Adjusting the temperature up or down by just a few degrees can be the difference in either overheating or shivering from the cold every few minutes.

A few of the most common problems with thermostats include the following:

  • Buildup of dust and dirt can cause the thermostat to overheat or misread the temperature.
  • Dead batteries stop the thermostat from working altogether.
  • Wear and tear of thermostat components can cause it to malfunction.

Maintaining the thermostat and making sure it functions properly is a critical piece of the puzzle for establishing great comfort at home.

As for the scary movie marathons, it’s best to keep the home a few degrees lower than normal. Blankets are a must during scary movies but cause people to be a bit warmer than normal. Colder temperatures can help everyone stay comfortable.

Switch Out Air Filters

Tip 2 from the HVAC professionals is to replace dirty air filters. Air temperature isn’t the only piece of the puzzle for feeling comfortable at home. Air quality also has a large role in this. Too much dust, dirt, and other particles floating through the air can irritate people’s breathing and make it harder to stay healthy. To prevent this from happening, homeowners need to remember to switch out their air filters when they get too dirty. If they’re too dirty, they can’t do their job; they stop trapping dust and dirt, and those particles start to move through the home instead.

As for how often the filters need to be changed, it all depends on the thickness of the filters. A 1-inch or 2-inch filter should be changed out about every three months, a 4-inch filter should be changed every six months, and a 5-inch filter should be changed once a year. This should be used as a rule of thumb, but homeowners can always check the label or directions on their air filter to know the expected lifetime.

Stop Forgetting Scheduled Maintenance Visits

maintenance Mid Florida

Tip 3 from HVAC professionals is to remember to schedule regular maintenance visits. These maintenance checks help to catch components that are malfunctioning or starting to experience wear and tear before it becomes a larger problem. HVAC professionals are always the best individuals to handle these maintenance visits because they can easily spot potential problems. Fall is truly the best time to have the HVAC system checked. By doing so, homeowners can rest assured that their HVAC system is ready to handle the cooler winter months that lie ahead.

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