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Going Green: Crucial Tips

If you’re concerned about the way the environment is being endangered, you’re not helpless. Even a family, living at home, can make a contribution through their day-to-day actions that can still help the Earth.

Just follow some of the tips our team here at Mid Florida Air Conditioning, Inc. has outlined here for exercising a little bit more environmental consciousness at home, and you can make a small difference that adds up day-by-day.

Switch to Modern Light Bulbs

Newer lighting technologies, like LED, or light emitting diodes, are much more energy efficient, creating the same amount of light as older filament light bulbs, while using less electricity to do so, and lasting longer.

The best part is, you can either get LEDs that work with traditional light sockets or get them in new and interesting shapes and lengths. It all depends on what you want or need.

Don’t Abuse Your Thermostat

Just because you can crank up your air conditioner or furnace, it doesn’t mean you should.adjust-the-thermostat

Things can certainly get hot in Florida, but if you’re using that as an excuse to turn the thermostat extra low, you’re going to pay for that later; in higher bills.

Keep your temperature adjusted for a reasonable amount of comfort for the season, don’t overdo it.

Keep Your Chimney Flue Closed

If your home still has a wood burning chimney, it’s fun once in a while to let the fire roar, especially at Christmas. But remember to close it up when the season ends. Otherwise, you’re letting cold air out and making your A/C work harder than it needs to.

Modernize Your HVAC

It’s another investment that seems expensive at first, but it pays off in the long term. If you’ve got an older home with an HVAC system dating back to the last century, you’re paying more money than you have to on your cooling bills.

New A/C units are much more energy efficient, adding value to your home and taking dollars off your bills.

Plant a New Tree in a Strategic Position

natural-coolingIf you correctly gauge the position of your home in comparison to the route the sun travels in the sky over the course of the day, you can start saving on air conditioning bills!

Take the time to plant a tree in the most effective position in your front yard, backyard, or both. Once that tree grows, it provides shade, and that has a HUGE impact on just how hot your home gets.

That has a consequent effect on just how hard your air conditioner has to work in the summer to heat your home.

Use Solar Appliances

There are plenty of pieces of hardware and other items in the home these days that can run off solar power. When you use these, you’re enjoying free electricity. Take advantage of it.

Think About Your Carbon Footprintcarbon-footprint

Help slow global warming by using hardware, appliances, and equipment rated with lower carbon emissions.

Give your business to companies committed to lowering their carbon emissions in their manufacturing process. These small steps, when enough of us do them, are a big help.