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summer heat

3 Ways To Keep Cool This Summer

Most homeowners in America rely heavily on their air conditioners throughout the summer. For many, this is their main source of cooling off and beating the summer heat. While this is an incredibly effective method for escaping the heat, it isn’t the only method. In fact, there are many other things homeowners can do to not only stay cooler this summer but to alleviate some of the pressure off of their AC units. In turn, some of these things could end up saving the homeowner money throughout the years on repairs and energy bills, so they are worth learning about!

Below are three effective ways that homeowners can beat the heat and simultaneously help preserve the life of their AC system. Continue reading to learn more.

Lower Water Temps

cool shower

Taking slightly colder showers than normal might sound extremely unappealing to most people, but it can significantly help keep the home cooler. The AC won’t have to work harder because the bathroom wouldn’t get as hot.

If the inherent money savings from preserving the AC aren’t enticing enough, then maybe the benefits of cold showers will be.

There are numerous benefits people can experience from taking cold showers, some of which include:

  • It helps to calm itchy and irritated skin
  • Helps with glowing skin and hair
  • Increases circulation in the body
  • Reduces the chance of muscle soreness after a workout
  • May help with weight loss

Not to mention it also helps to wake a person up in the morning.

Bed Linens Matter

bed linens

This tip might cost a little extra money as an initial investment, but it also provides multiple benefits. It might seem strange that this would be on the list, but if homeowners want to stay cooler while they sleep, they should invest in bed linens made from breathable fabrics.

Here are a few examples of breathable fabrics for bed linens:

  • Percale-cotton bed linens
  • Linen-core bed linens
  • Linens with eucalyptus-infused fabric for added breathability
  • Tencel bed linens
  • Tencel-cotton blend bed linens
  • Bamboo bed linens
  • Silver-infused bamboo bed linens

All of these fabrics have great reviews for breathability and comfort!

Check the AC Filter

This last one is a bit more related to the air conditioning system itself, but homeowners need to check on their air filters. The air filter catches most of the pollutants in the air so those in the household can breathe the cleanest air possible. When it gets clogged up, it reduces the air quality in the home and makes the AC work harder than it has to move through the clogged filter.

The air filter should be changed every three months, especially if multiple people and pets are in the home.

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