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Fall Home Maintenance

Dos and Don'ts for This Year’s Fall Checklist

HVAC ChecklistIt’s not always easy to make sense of your home maintenance requirements. Technology continues to evolve and along with it the complexity of the components used in your home's HVAC system.

And so to help guide you as to which tasks can have a DIY approach and which should be left to the professionals, our team at Mid Florida AC in Debary, FL is highlighting the dos and don’ts of this year’s fall checklist.

Don’t Start Maintenance Without Expert Guidance

Change AirfilterOne of the most common mistakes homeowners make when attempting to resolve HVAC and cooling systems issues is trying to resolve issues inside and outside their home without guidance. For example, if the fan outside of your home is not working effectively.

You can’t simply open up the area and begin to try to resolve the issue alone. If you make a mistake during this process, not only could you do significant damage to your home HVAC structure, but also you could injure yourself or others. Only take on home maintenance work after speaking with a professional and when you’re assured of the process involved.

Do Get Recommendations from Friends and Family

Fall SeasonIf you’re having problems with your home HVAC systems, make sure you get recommendations from friends and family about companies in the area that can help resolve the issue. They can give their guidance on companies that have worked in their home and can ensure you don’t spend money on a service that offers limited value.

After getting recommendations from friends and family, review the company online. Look at their reviews on common consumer websites to determine the quality of their services. And take a look at their website to ensure they have the experience and the service required for the work.

Don’t Wait if You Notice a Maintenance Problem

AC ContractorSometimes homeowners will wait to resolve a problem with their home HVAC system. They might notice that a pipe is leaking or that there’s water on the floor in the basement space.

It’s important that these types of problems are immediately addressed as part of your fall checklist. Call a specialist at the earliest convenience if you notice these types of problems in the home. The issue will be far less expensive to fix if taken on immediately.

Take the guidance from our Debary, FL team into consideration before taking on your home fall maintenance needs this season. You’ll save money and make great strides in terms of protecting your home.